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Residential Deck Building Services

Are you considering adding a deck to your home or business? Deck building is a fantastic way to enhance your property’s functionality, beauty, and value. A well-designed deck can provide a comfortable and functional outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining guests, relaxing with family, or enjoying the view.

When you choose to work with a skilled and experienced general contractor, you can have confidence that your deck will be built to the highest standards of quality and safety. A professional contractor will work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, design a deck that meets your specifications, and use high-quality materials to ensure that your deck lasts for years to come.

In addition to providing a beautiful and functional outdoor space, a well-designed deck can also increase the value of your property. Whether you are planning to sell your home or want to increase your home’s equity, a professionally built deck can be a valuable asset.

So if you’re ready to add a new dimension of beauty, functionality, and value to your property, consider investing in a custom-built deck. With the help of a skilled and experienced general contractor such as NCS, you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

The Process:

Deck building is a common project for Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc.. Before starting any construction project, Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc.(NCS) will have a good understanding of the project’s requirements, materials, design, and safety considerations.

Here are some key steps that Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc. will follow when building a deck:

  1. Plan the project: The first step in deck building is to plan the project carefully. This involves determining the size and shape of the deck, the materials needed, and any other special features required. At this point, cantilevered seating, strategic lighting, water access, under-deck storage and a myriad of other points can be discussed and priced.
  2. Permitting: NCS will also obtain any necessary permits and ensure that the project complies with local building codes.
  3. Prepare the site: The site should be cleared of any obstacles, and the ground should be leveled and compacted. This helps to prevent the deck from shifting or settling over time. NCS, Inc. may also need to install footings or piers to support the deck structure.
  4. Build the frame: The frame of the deck is constructed using pressure-treated lumber. We will use accurate measurements and level the frame to ensure that the deck is level and sturdy.
  5. Install the decking: The decking is typically made from wood, composite, or PVC. NCS will follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the decking, including any required fasteners or clips.
  6. Finish the deck: Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc. may need to add railing, stairs, and other features to complete the deck. These should be designed to match the style and materials used in the rest of the deck.
  7. Inspect and clean the deck: After the deck is completed, the contractor should inspect it to ensure that it meets all safety requirements. Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc. will also clean and treat the deck to protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan.

Overall, deck building is a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Northeast Contracting Solutions, Inc. has the necessary skills and experience to complete the project safely and efficiently.

Examples of our Deck Work